ITIL4 námskeið - 3ja daga

Athugið að námskeiðið er kennt á ensku og stendur yfir í 3 heila daga frá 26. - 28. ágúst.

Dagsetning/tími:mánudagur 26. ágúst 09:00-17:00
Staðsetning:Advania, Guðrúnartúni 10 - Stóra kennslustofan
Hámarksfjöldi þátttakenda:12
Skráningu lýkur:00:00 föstudagur 23. ágúst
Verð:290,000.- +vsk

The course gives participants a practical understanding of the key concepts, principles and processes that lead to successful service delivery within IT. The course also prepares the participants for writing and obtaining the ITIL4 Foundation certificate. The course is based on the ITIL "best practice" approach on service delivery and how it is done in collaboration with various stakeholders.


That the participants gain an understanding of how an integrated and structured service delivery, based on ITIL "Best Practice" guidelines, can be customized and implemented in your own organization. The course provides proven practical guidelines on how to successfully introduce an integrated structure and interacting processes, based on the ITIL guidelines for the value chain. The course also prepares the participants to be able to obtain ITIL4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

Target group
The course is for everyone who works or will work within IT and in their work manages strategy, design, implementation and daily operation of IT services and have a need for understanding to optimize their service delivery and its handling based on "Best Practice".

Pedagogical structure
The course is structured around the lecture and group work and follows the syllabus for ITIL4. There is a special focus on developing the underlying service culture within the IT organization.

Possibility of certification after completed course
At the end of the course there is a possibility to write a test to obtain the ITI4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. This certificate is a prerequisite for all other ITIL-based certificates. The test is booked one week before the course starts and is invoiced separately. The test is an hour with closed book and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. To get approved, more than 65% is required right on the questions. (26 of 40)

Course Contents
Participants can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following after successfully completing the training and certification (directly taken from the official study plan):

  • Service management concept (Understanding)
  • The purpose of this part is to help the participants understand the key concepts of service management, including the key definitions of:
    • Service, Utility, Warranty, Customer, User, Service management, Sponsor
  • Describe the concepts value:
    • Cost, Value, Organization, Outcome, Output, Risk, Utility, Warranty
  • Describe concepts of service relations:
    • Service offering, Service relationship management, Service provision, Service consumption
  • Guiding principles (Understanding)
    • The purpose of this part is to help the participant to understand how ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and customize Service Management:
      • Focus on value
      • Start where you are
      • Progress iteratively with feedback
      • Collaborate and promote visibility
      • Think and work holistically
      • Keep it simple and practical
      • Optimize and automate
  • 4 Dimensions of service management (Awareness)
    • The purpose of this part is to help the student Understand the four dimensions of Service Management.
      • Organizations and people
      • Information and technology
      • Partners and suppliers
      • Value streams and processes
  • Service Value System (Understanding)
    • The purpose of this part is to help the student understand the purpose and COMPONENTS of the ITIL service Value system.
  • Service Value Chain (Awareness)
  • The purpose of this part is to help the pupil understand the activities of the value chain, and how they interact; how this supports value streams and describing inputs and outputs as well as the purpose of each value activity in the chain:

    • Plan
    • Improve
    • Engage
    • Design & transition
    • Obtain/build
    • Deliver & support

  • ITIL management minor practices (Awareness)
        The purpose of this part is to help the participants to go through the purpose and key terms of 18 ITIL processes(practices).

  • ITIL management major practices (Understanding)
    • The purpose of this part is to help the participants understand the 7 ITIL processes; To explain these in detail, including how they fit into the value chain.
      • Continual improvement, including the continual improvement model
      • Change control
      • Incident management
      • Problem management
      • Service request management
      • Service desk
      • Service level management

Content-rich course documentation is provided.


Cost of certification test is included in the price of the course. The test is carried out at the end of the third course day.

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